Background photos in Lil Wayne video.
Photo for Lonely Planet book - Rio de Janeiro
Cool D
Antigua & Barbuda.
Book & Magazine covers
DVD Covers
Accra, Ghana.
Havana, Cuba.
The Gambia.
Voodoo Man.
Manhattan, NYC
James Werts portraits.
Spain landscapes.
Benin, West Africa
White Sands, New Mexico.
Kingston street partys.
Trinity Soundsystem.
Naples, Italy.
Dominican Republic
Barra Boys.
Athens, Greece.
Sao Luis, Brazil.
Album covers.
Hong Kong.
Photos for travel websites.
CD cover photo.
JAM ID. Photos for posters/flyers.
Poggioreale, Sicily.
Kingston Hot. Photos for posters.
Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival photos.
Mark Wonder portraits.
Saab Photo of the Year 2013
Plookie - Music video / Single cover design
Elisabeth portraits.
Mobile, Alabama
Cruising in New Orleans.
Oklahoma City.
Denise Fontoura
Album cover photos for Sushiraw Records.
Ndioba - Music video / Promo photos
Finest Soundsystem photos.
Night in town. Story in Estonian photo magazine.
Benin. Short videos about voodoo people.
Jukka Poika. Photos for biography book.
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